The Larger Context

Buffalo created trails across the continent as a result of seasonal migrating.

The trails established the pathways for human movement through the terrain. 

These trails have been commemorated in other cities north  and south  of Louisville and across the country.

This is the proposed sight for the public sculpture.


Preston St. & Shelby St. Median near Harrison and Clarks Ln.


The route the buffalo followed from the salt licks of Bullitt County

to the crossings at the Falls of the Ohio River for hundreds of years

resulted in the natural phenomenon of a “road”

being cut into the otherwise ‘untamed’ wilderness of Kentucky.

This path was followed by natives and settlers alike and

is a significant contributor to the eventual footprint of our community

as we know it today. The St. Joseph’s Area Association is highlighting this fascinating and important part of our natural and local history by

commissioning a public art sculpture to commemorate and honor this part of our heritage.